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About the College

 In order to improve the administrative efficiency, our school has reorganized the colleges. The College of Management and the College of Humanities and General Education have been merged into the College of Humanities and Management (CHM) in 2019.
 The College of Humanities and Management (CHM) has refined a distinctive vision of management and humanity education and currently has 8 departments(Department of Management Information Systems、Department of Marketing Management、Department of Healthcare Administration、Department of International Business、Graduate institute of Cultural and Educational Management、Department of Applied Foreign Languages、Department of Childhood Education and Enterprise Management、Department of Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare Management ), 2 master programs, 1 Language Center, and 1 General Education Center. CHM is committed to achieving excellence in theory and practice. We provide complete intelligent education, information skills and management knowledge, and innovate thinking courses with practical and creativity designs, and continue to forge strong synergies between the students, academic staff and industry partners to make sure the excellence of our school.
   The educational goals of CHM are to cultivate students to be professional with concerns for humanistic care and innovative thinking, succeed in the Health industry and education enterprise with language proficiency and management knowledge, and become a modern citizen with innovation and creativity abilities in life.

Common core competence: humanistic care and innovative thinking

Common core curriculum: Management